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Acquapendente it is not just any stop on the ancient Via Francigena, but a place of devotion, a spiritual destination. In the Romanesque crypt of the Cathedral there is the Sacellum of the Holy Sepulchre, which since the early Middle Ages has preserved the relics of the stones stained with the blood of Christ. This ancient construction is said to reproduce the Holy Sepulchre of Jersualem, in which Jesus was deposed before the Resurrection.

Acquapendente it is also a place of enchanted woods, of clear flowing waters, of other itineraries to follow to discover a rich biodiversity and surprising landscapes. This is why it is the Green Jerusalem: a territory of the soul, an inner journey, a place to find oneself, a regenerating break along the path of life.

Acquapendente and its hamlets


our city


Discover the wonders of Acquapendente, all its monuments and its secrets

Torre Alfina

and his magnificent Castle

Torre Alfina

Discover one of the most beautiful villages in Italy with its castle and the legendary Bosco del Sasseto


on the border with Tuscany and Umbria


Village immersed in the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve at the intersection of 3 regions

On the Francigena Way

Villages to discover

Thermal centers

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