Torre Alfina

Located at 602 meters above sea level, located on the Alfina plateau, is a characteristic triconfinal point between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany. Built over the centuries to the primitive Torre di guardia and nominated since 2007 one of the Borghi più Belli d’Italia (Most Beautiful Villages in Italy), Torre Alfina with its narrow streets and stone houses creates an atmosphere of other times.

All around the village of Torre Alfina and its castle naturally reigns the Wood of the Sasseto, a mixed forest of centuries-old deciduous trees, which owes its name to a singular geological substrate formed by an accumulation of blocks of lava rock at the foot of the cliff on which the castle stands. Defined by National Geographic "Fairy Tale Wood" or "Snow White Wood", was once a dark and wild forest.

It was transformed at the end of the 19th century by the Marquis Edoardo Cahen into the fantastic current park where, among other things, there is the famous tomb where, in 1894, he himself was buried. Today a Natural Monument owned by the Municipality of Acquapendente, it is a destination for visits and naturalistic activities.

A 16th century chronicle traces the foundation of the first tower known as “del Cassero” in the 8th century, but the first documentary evidence appears in the thirteenth century.

The family Monaldeschi della Cervara had the initiative to transform the ancient structure of a country residence on the Renaissance model. The architects hired were the same who also worked in the Orvieto cathedral.

In the mid-seventeenth century, by inheritance, it passed to the Bourbon del Monte family who, in 1880 he sold it to the banker of Antwerp Edoardo Cahen, which started a total restoration of the building. Following the trend of the revival in vogue at that time, the architect Giuseppe Partini built an imposing neo-Gothic style structure covered in gray Bagnoregio stone, hiding the authentic medieval aspect and the Renaissance layers.



A historic home among the most prestigious in central Italy


Defined by National Geographic as "Fairy Tale Woods" or "Snow White Woods"

Located at the foot of the Castle of Torre Alfina, the Bosco del Sasseto offers its visitors un’atmosfera unica e quasi incantata, with its extensive paths between boulders and rocks of all sizes and its majestic old trees.

A jewel of forest biodiversity unique in the whole Lazio. Large sometimes hollow trunks, twisted branches, boulders covered with moss and ferns, birdsong and shy flowers in the undergrowth add to the atmosphere of this place an enchanted and wonderful world.

You come across works such as iceboxes for storing food and even a Gothic-shaped mausoleum, which houses the remains of one of the historic owners of the Castle, the Marquis Edoardo Cahen.

From the games to the herbarium, from the laboratory to the path, each of its spaces, internal or external, is dedicated to the many interpretations with which it can be faced the theme of flowers. And of the thousand relationships that these colorful entities intertwine with the rest of the living world, of which we too are part.

In short, a place to finally discover “Everything you ever wanted to know about flowers but never dared to ask".

Why a flower museum? Perhaps because they have been recognized around the museum more than a thousand species of flowering plants. Or perhaps because here the tradition of the flower is at home with the festa dei Pugnaloni. Or perhaps because the building that houses it is called “Casale Giardino”. Or maybe all of these things together… and many more.


A small naturalistic museum in the woods of the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve

Visit the Castle

The cost of the ticket is € 5 and no reservation is required. For groups of more than 20 people, the ticket is reduced to € 3.

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Visit the Bosco del Sasseto

The cost of the ticket is 6 € and a reservation is required. For the reduced and groups of more than 20 people the ticket is 4 €.

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Visit the Museum of the Flower

The cost of the ticket is € 3 full and € 2 reduced and also includes the guided tour. Educational programs are organized upon request.

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Village immersed in the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve at the intersection of 3 regions

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