Acquapendente it is not just any stop on the ancient Via Francigena, but a place of devotion, a spiritual destination. In the Romanesque crypt of the Cathedral there is the Sacellum of the Holy Sepulchre, which since the early Middle Ages has preserved the relics of the stones stained with the blood of Christ. This ancient construction is said to reproduce the Holy Sepulchre of Jersualem, in which Jesus was deposed before the Resurrection.

Acquapendente it is also a place of enchanted woods, of clear flowing waters, of other itineraries to follow to discover a rich biodiversity and surprising landscapes. This is why it is the Green Jerusalem: a territory of the soul, an inner journey, a place to find oneself, a regenerating break along the path of life.

Discovering Acquapendente with us

Events in Acquapendente

Third Sunday of May

It is one of the oldest folkloric celebrations of Tuscia and was originally also called festa di Mezzomaggio. It is done to celebrate the Holiday of Madonna of the Flower and collects various events, including fairs and markets: the heart of the festival is represented by the Pugnaloni.

The Pugnaloni of Acquapendente are a unique festival in the world: mosaics made with flowers and leaves, composed on wooden panels measuring 2.6 x 3.6 meters. The leaves are artfully cut and glued onto the drawn panel, in order to color the background of the work; flowers are then applied on them, arranged the night before the parade.

The festival reaches its climax on the third Sunday of May but during the preceding weeks it's possible to visit the workshops of the 15 groups intent on creating these large tables. Especially during the "White Night" on the third Saturday of May, where each workshop is in the midst of the final realization in a moment of celebration with songs, music and good wine for everyone.

February - March

The town comes together in the construction of several allegorical wagons that parade through the streets of the town during the two Sundays of the Carnival period. In addition, the day of Shrove Tuesday, after the party in the square takes place the characteristic torchlight procession that takes all citizens to the square, where the "Carnevalaccio", a large wooden structure that leaves its will for the following year, is set on fire.

February - March

In conjunction with the Aquesian Carnival there is also the "Sagra della Fregnaccia" a typical dish of the local tradition prepared with water, flour and lard and seasoned with pecorino romano (salty version) or sugar or chocolate (sweet version).

For four days the streets of the historic center are animated by craft markets, by reproductions of moments of peasant life with the display of agricultural tools and by musical performances as well as food stands where, every evening, it0s possible to taste the typical products of territory and rediscover dishes cooked with ancient recipes.

Holiday of Saint Ermete

28 August

Patronal festival with markets, bingo and fireworks. Usually the party starts a few days before with various events in the square such as concerts or theatrical performances.

Fair of Bells

The Sunday after Easter

A large market where it is possible to buy all kinds of goods as well as the characteristic hand-painted bells, typical of the Aquesian tradition.

Last Sunday of May

It's the first marathon on the Via Francigena in Italy on the ancient "Sigeric" route to be covered only and exclusively by walking. Starting from Piazza Girolamo Fabrizio located in front of the Town Hall, the route, after passing through the historic center and skirting the Ancient Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, enters the surrounding countryside continuing to Montefiascone.

Last Saturday of May

An event born in conjunction with the Francigena Marathon. The evening before the marathon, via Cesare Battisti and via Roma will be filled with stands with typical and food and wine products, street artists, street art, music, exhibitions, crafts and much more.

September or October

Step by step of Trekking and Nordic Walking on the ancient route of the Francigena Way. This time we start from Siena for a 120 km long route. It's also possible to do only part of the routes, the last of which starts from Radicofani and arrives in Acquapendente for a walk of 32 km.

Around August 15th

Rock evenings with numerous local artists from all over Italy who alternate every year on the stage of the Cordeschi Amphitheater in Acquapendente.

The event was born from the idea of using art, music, gastronomy as tools for knowledge and protection of the territory and development for the entire area.

Scarpinata di Monte Rufeno


Traditional walk in the Monte Rufeno Reserve which has been held for more than thirty years.

Saint Anthony

17 January

Traditional festival dedicated to animals. In fact, Saint Anthony is considered the protector of pets. On January 17, the Church traditionally blesses the animals and the stables, placing them under the protection of the saint.

Discover Acquapendente and its hamlets

Torre Alfina

and his magnificent Castle

Torre Alfina

Discover one of the most beautiful villages in Italy with its castle and the legendary Bosco del Sasseto


on the border with Tuscany and Umbria


Village immersed in the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve at the intersection of 3 regions

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